Tour to Évora, Monsaraz and São Pedro do Corval

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Évora, Monsaraz and São Pedro do Corval—There are some places in the world where simplicity means beauty. Welcome to the Cradle of Alentejo: Évora, to the most beautiful small village in Portugal, and enjoy the works of local artisans.

This tour will take us first to the City Museum and World Heritage Site of Évora, where you will have the opportunity to immerge yourself into the city's surprising past, discovering its secrets and listening to the stories of the second most important and wealthiest city of Portugal during the XVI century. Here, you will stroll in its narrow streets visiting world-class monuments, such as: The Chapel of the Bones, St. Francis Church, Cathedral and the Diana Temple. With all this wide cultural offer along with the city's relaxed way of life and safety; the kindness and simplicity of their inhabitants, and its natural beauty it will be hard not to fell in love with this city...

Next, we will continue to the small town of Monsaraz which will leave you speechless. Indeed, this stop is the highlight of this tour; nothing has changed there in the last few centuries due to its excellent preservation. This town is built of schist and its tiny little houses with white-washed facades maintain the charm of a town which has been developing without losing its primitive characteristics. In its narrow streets its joyful inhabitants sell colorful Alentejo blankets which exist in almost every alentejana house because of the low winter temperatures. In its streets you will be amazed by many monuments and churches that hide the terrible past of a place marked by the Inquisition and specially when you reach the castle to enjoy its panoramic view over the Alqueva Lake and Central Alentejo.

After lunch (meal not included in tour price) we will continue our tour with a visit to São Pedro do Corval, the clay pottery capital of Portugal. Here, it is possible to see many artisans creating impressive works using clay and painting their masterpieces with scenes from daily life in Alentejo. After, you will return to the Hotel.

Duration 9 hours

Prices Upon Request

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