Get some rest and visit the peaceful Alentejo with a Certified Tour Guide

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Visit Alentejo with a Certified Tour Guide

No rush, no stress—take a deep breath and free your mind. Just let go and enjoy the little things of life.

In short, Alentejo is a Portuguese region best explored slowly and with time. It is the largest and flattest region in Portugal and is divided into Alto Alentejo (12 420 km²) and Baixo Alentejo (13 738 km²).

It occupies one third of the country; however, only 5,8% of the Portuguese population lives there and almost a half of the land is dedicated to agriculture.

Alentejo is much more than that. It is also known for its high quality marble, cork, olive oil, hand-made tapestries, handicrafts, wines, and irresistible gastronomy based on "migas"(breadcrumbs), "açorda alentejana" (broth seasoned with bread, crushed garlic, salt and coriander), pork meat, fresh fish, shellfish and aromatic herbs.

It is a region full of history and incredible monuments that you cannot find anywhere else. Magical and millenary cities mixed with world-class monuments and picturesque walled medieval towns await your visit.

Safety is guaranteed; as one of the less explored regions of Portugal, you can walk day and night in any street without a problem. People are welcoming and friendly. Here, the words "silence" and "contemplation" aptly describe your stay, which you’ll realize as you enjoy the diversified landscape and the local way of life.

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